1. Vintage China
    Vintage China
  2. Vintage Bakeware
    Vintage Bakeware
  3. Vintage Ties
    Vintage Ties
  4. Vintage Japanese Collectibles
    Vintage Japanese Collectibles
  5. Charm Bracelets
    Charm Bracelets
  6. Manly Men
    Manly Men
  7. Celluloid vanity set
    Celluloid vanity set
  8. Vintage Sweaters
    Vintage Sweaters
  9. California Pottery
    California Pottery


The other half of Monkeyshines Studio and Gallery is a fabulous shop filled with antique and vintage collectibles that I acquire in my travels around the country. I've been a collector all my life, specializing in, but not limited to vintage clothing, ceramics and artwork. I do extensive research on my finds, learning as much as I can about every item. The shop is truly a labor of love and is filled to the brim with unique and wonderful things.