1. Blue Squirrel
    Blue Squirrel
  2. Corn Bandit
    Corn Bandit
  3. Midori Rainbow
    Midori Rainbow
  4. Mother of Waters
    Mother of Waters
  5. Pixie Treasure
    Pixie Treasure
  6. Blue Willow Girl Box
    Blue Willow Girl Box

Mosaic​​ Work

My mosaic work is based on a technique called “pique-assiette”, or “stolen from the plate”.  I use bits of broken china, tiles, and figurines to create pictures and stories, using almost no new materials.

I tell stories using broken bits of re-purposed ceramics. Some are stories that I’ve always known and others tell themselves to me while I work. Some are sweet and humorous while others are more psychological and draw on my personal mythology and inner landscape. The work is made up almost entirely from reclaimed materials such as vintage china and figurines, old mannequin parts, and scraps of wood. I love searching for discarded treasures and transforming them into artwork, then sending them back into
the world with a new life.

I began by doing more traditional mosaic. I studied with Toms Royal in Goldendale, making my own sculptural tiles and pre-planning my designs. When Toms took a leave of absence I found myself with no kiln or slab roller, but still on fire to create mosaic. I am a huge collector of all things vintage and for years had been saving all my broken china. One day I decided to go for it. I began smashing up all those old pieces for my tiles. And I searched out other vintage pieces I could use. Breaking things became easier with time and soon nothing was safe from my hammer. This is when I started appreciating the deconstructionist aspect of my work. I makes me question how we assign value to things. In vintage collecting, things can take on a “sacred cow” aspect and I have found a certain satisfaction in breaking and repurposing these things.